Ethics and Ownership

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Define ethics a system of collected points regarding human morals and principles
Define code of conduct set of rules outlining social norm and appropriate practices and behaviours for a party or an individual
What are the eight ACM/IEEE Software Engineering Code of Ethics Public Client Employer Product Judgement Management Profession Colleague Self
Data ownership vs Copyrights? Data ownership: the legal status of possessing a set of data Copyright: providing the creator of a software with the ability to determine how their software are used and distributed
Why is there a need to protect copyright and usage? Software and data can be: stolen copied bootlegged (illegally sold) data misuse
What measure can restrict the access to data on the internet and www? Online accounts Access rights Commercialise certain rights
Briefly describe Free Software Foundation, Simple and mono-task software distributed for free
the Open Source Initiative, Software open to modifications by users who are technically capable of doing so and in turn modifies the software
What's shareware Free software for trials and often require payments for continued use, some depend on user’s honesty to righteously pay up
What are commercial software? Software that require payment before any usage can be obtained
Provide 3 UK legislative acts to combat copyright and data misuse violations Data Protection Act: Set up to protect data privacy by encouraging good data handling practices and influence international views on data privacy Computer Misuse Act: Initiated to combat hacking, with severity levels ranging from unauthorised access ,unauthorised access with criminal desires and unauthorised access with motive to amend original computer material
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