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what were the causes of the Cultural Revolution? (4) Mao wanted to purge the 'self-satisfied' elite bureaucrats that ran the country, to prevent the revolution slowing (The bureaucrats were also the main critics of the GLF) The failure of the Social Economic movement in Mao's eyes Mao's personal power Mao disliked the revisionism that took place after the 2nd plan and accused Liu Shaoqi of being a 'capitalist roader' Mao disagreed with the statement 'it doesn't matter if the cat is black or white' said by Xiaoping - he thought we must get to the end by a particular means - and this was his means.
What were the aims of the Cultural Revolution? (4) To get rid of the bureaucratic class that had grown out of the revolution To get the younger generations of the revolution, that were to young to have really experienced the Antis campaign and other movements, fully involved and have a direct experience with the revolution. ( August 1966) To destroy the Four Olds: Culture, Customs, Habits, Ideas (Old = incentive to younger generations) To reassert Mao's personal power
What were the events of the Cultural Revolution? (1963-67) 1963 - Social Education Movement 1965 - Attack on Wu Han 1966 - (May) Central Cultural Revolution Group set up + Walled Poster Campaign (red guards/the young attack teachers/intellectuals) / (July) Mao swims in Yangtze / (august) Tiananmen square rally + 'Bombard the headquarters' 1967 - Radicalisation on Cultural Revolution (august) PLA crack down on Red Guards and they are sent to countryside
What were the outcomes of the Cultural Revolution? "Up to the mountains and down to the villages" campaign - 5 mil young people were moved to country side 2/3 of 7,000 places of historical and cultural importance were destroyed Lui Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping Zhou Enlai introduced the Four Modernisations programme to develop agriculture, industry, defence and education.
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