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What is a Service? A component with no UI
What are they used for? To perform long running tasks
What is their lifetime? They remain for as long as they are needed
What process do they run in? The same process as the instantiating app
Name 4 example usages of a Service MP3 playback, downloading a file, sending an email and polling for emails
Name the 2 types of Services Bound and Unbound
What is an Unbound Service? A service which runs indefinitely, controlled via calls to startService() and stopService()
What is a Bound Service? A Service which runs for as long as any activities are bound. When all clients unbind, the service is stopped.
How do you communicate with a bound service? Via an IBinder interface instance
Name 2 examples of Unbound Services Intent service and generic started service
Describe an Intent Service A service which queues intents. Handles intents one at a time via onHandleIntent(). Stops when queue has been processed.
Give an example of an Intent Service Sending an email
Describe a Generic Started Service A service which runs persistently. It receives messages requesting work to be done.
Give an example of a Generic Started Service Polling for emails
What is a Foreground Service? One which runs in the foreground, helping prevent termination. It provides a notification to users know it is running.
How does a Local Bound Service work? The Service extends the Binder class. After binding, an async callback is called providing the IBinder instance to the service.
What is a Remote Bound Service? One which can communicate across process boundaries. Likely to be used by multiple processes at once
How can we define a Remote Service? By using AIDL
What does AIDL stand for? Android Interface Definition Language
What is AIDL? The method for communicating across process boundaries. It is similar to Java interface syntax.
What types does AIDL support? Name some examples Primitives e.g. StringList and Map. Also support other AIDL interfaces and paracelable objects
What is a Parcelable object? One which is supported by the Android Kernel Drivier
What types are Parcelable? Primitives e.g. ints, strings, chars, bytes
What is the benefit of Parcelable vs Java.IO.Serializable? Supported by the kernel meaning it is fast. Java.IO.Serializable works via reflection and is therefore slow.
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