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What is an Activity? An android component which represents the UI. The UI is defined in a view.xml
How do Activities relate to android applications? An android application consists of a stack of activities
What is a View? A UI element
Name the 3 types of Views Display View, Interactive View and View Group
What is the name given to a View which can be interacted with? Widget
What is a View Group? A View which contains a collection of child views
Name 3 types of View layouts Linear, Scroll and Relative
State the 6 states of the Activity Lifecycle Created, Started, Resumed, Paused, Stopped and Destroyed
What type of object is used to persist / restore activity state? Bundles
What is a Bundle? A collection of key-value pairs
Under what circumstances are onSaveInstance / onRestoreInstance State called? If the activity is destroyed by the Android OS
Give 2 examples of when restoration of state may occur When the OS is low on resources and destroys the stopped activity and if the screen orientation changes
How are Activities started? Using Intents
What is an Intent? An object used to start other activities
Give an example of a Uri-based Intent new Intent(ACTION_DIAL, new Uri("tel:07123456");
Give an example of an Intent targeting a particular activity new Intent(context, OtherActivity.class);
How can we request a result from an activity? Using startActivityForResult()
How does the onActivityResult() method identify which activity the result came from? By checking the provided ID against the ID supplied when calling startActivityForResult()
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