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How many threads does an Android Application have? One
Each activity has its own thread: True or False? False, they all share the thread of the application process they belong to
What is a Looper? A looper is a queue of events to be processed by an application
Give an example of how the OS uses Loopers To queue UI interactions for a particular application
What happens if an event takes longer than 5 seconds to process? An "Application Not Responding" Toast appears, giving the user a chance to terminate the application
What are the 2 golden rules related to threading on Android? Do not block the UI thread and do not access the UI from outside of the UI thread
What is a Handler? An object used to communicate with a specific thread
How are Handlers communicated with? By queueing messages / runnables to be processed
How can we safely access the UI from outside of the UI thread? By executing a runnable using Activity.runOnUiThread()
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