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Institutional Regulations These are the things we have to consider when developing on production in order to stick to film regulations and guidelines
THE BBFC (The British Board of Film Classification)
Sticking to the guidelines of the BBFC is extremely important to protect certain messages that are not deemed suitable for specific ages. Even more so, with the messages and topics that are frequently discussed in thrillers. In order for our production to be suitable for our target audience of 16-25 we will need to be within the classification of the 15 age rating. In order to seem appropriate for the public, the BBFC collect data from the British public frequently and the ratings are changing. They have two principles that their guidelines highlight: To protect children and vulnerable adults against psychological harm from unsuitable content and to empower consumers to make informed decisions about what they view.
What is expected in a 15 film rating? . Strong Violence . Frequent strong language . Portrayals of sexual activity . Strong verbal references to sex . Sexual nudity . Brief scenes of sexual violence . Discriminatory language/behaviour . Drug taking Examples of 15 rated thrillers: . V for Vendetta . Final Destination . Shutter Island . The sixth sense Newer Films: . Orphan . The Roommate . Unfriended . The visit . It follows
A problem with many thrillers and even horrors is about conceptualisation of events shown in the production. The BBFC consider things a potential harm especially for teenagers, as they are easily influenced due to pressure from social demands. Therefore, they have to take into account how they level the amount of threat and misuse of objects in certain context. For example, we research into real life-events to base our events on and a British boy carried out the actions from the TV thriller drama ‘Dexter’. Although these are only case studies that do not frequently occur, human aggression is seen to be largely influenced on social learning theories and observation, so they aim to reduce this risk by limiting the exposure.
Sound In order to build tension into our trailer, as a main convention we are going to use sound. However, a lot of soundtracks have ownership and we cannot have access to these. As a way to avoid this is use free sound websites that allow people to publish their own created sounds and allow people to use these into their our creative pieces without needing ownership issues. Therefore, we’ll edit together different sounds from these websites to create one soundtrack that will be just as effective in our thriller trailer.
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