Silent Films

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Silent Films
1 Early Inventions
1.1 Kinetograph & Kinetoscope
1.1.1 Early moving pictures, concept for projection of films Kinetographic theatre: non fiction films
1.2 Lumiere Brothers
1.2.1 Cinematographe: camera & projector 1895 20 mins of 10 shorts. Streets of Lion. 'Arrival of a train'
1.3 George Melies
1.3.1 Hugo, 2011
1.3.2 Trip to the Moon 1902 First fiction in films Special effects, narrative, plots, character development, illusion
1.3.3 Stage magician, lacking close ups- theatre like
2 Music Connections
2.1 Short films. Crossover acts , cover scene changes. Same audiences & programmes.
2.1.1 Street scenes used by travelling showmen, short life spans.
2.2 Nickelodeons
2.2.1 Rise of feature film 1914
2.2.2 1909 fire safety, keeping and projecting film- Cinemotograph Act
2.2.3 Small, cheap, cramped. Working Class. Unsanitary!
2.3 Emotional cues for audience
2.3.1 Cue sheet 'play happy'
2.3.2 First score Birth of a Nation 1915
3 Hollywood
3.1 Renting not selling to exhibitors
3.2 Motion Pictures Patent Company
3.2.1 1908. Edison patents. Wanted a legal monopoly. Aimed to stifle independents. Declared an illegal monopoly by 1915.
3.3 Moving to california- Laemmle. Universal City.
3.4 Climate, location variety, non union labour, cheap property
3.4.1 Population grew so that 60% US film making here by 1915.
3.4.2 Money saving as not film by film. Control of directors and stars . Wall Street financing.
3.4.3 Big 5: Warner Bros, Future Paramount, RKO, MGM, Fox
3.5 Escapist entertainment; Serials (return audiences), Westerns (scenery), Gangsters, Romance, Silent comedies, Classics adaptions (Shakespeare, News (inbetween shorts), Propoganda
4 Film makers
4.1 DW Griffith, Birth of Nation, first 3 hour, original score, 12 reels, controversial pro KKK!
4.2 German expressionism 1920s- art form
4.3 Eistenstein Russian, montage, Battleship Potemkin 1925. (Compared to journey to the moon, quick development)
4.4 Hitchcock stylized. Europe influence.
4.5 Moves to Hollywood. Silent film - no barriers in language. Rise of fascism in 1930s- happy to get out!
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