Property & Govement rights

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Property & Govement rights

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Personal Property ( Chattel) Personal property is moveable Plants, Furniture, lease, deeds of trust , Promissory note
Bill of sale Personal property transfers by the bill of sale
Real Property Land and everything attached to it- *Rights that accompany it, property that is moveable
Erosion (Avulsion) The tearing away from land due to natural causes (Grand Canyon)
Accretion (Alluvion ) The increase of land due to natural causes (New Orleans)
Heterogeneity No two parcels of land are the same
Appurtenance The Rights and improvements that are transferred the land (all that's attached)
Emblements Annual crops and the right to harvest them ( personal property)
Riparian rights water rights next to a river or stream
Littoral rights water rights next to a lake or ocean
Fixture An Item which was once personal but has been permanently attached and has become real property ( Shelves)
Affidavit of Affixture Mobile home - Are personal property if not legally affixed by surrendering the title and recording "Affidavit of Affixture
Police Power Rights to enforce Laws for health and safety and welfare of the public . Ex: Zoning laws , health codes
Eminent Domain The right to take Private property of PUBLIC use with fair compensation paid.
Condemnation The right to take property through eminent domain
Taxation Charge in property to bear cost of municipal functions
Escheat Reversion of property to the state due to owner dying without a will( intestate) and with no heirs
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