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Do you know what these Latin abbreviations that are frequently used in English really mean?

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AD anno Domini - in the year of the Lord
a.i. ad interim - temporarily
A.M. Ante Meridiem - before midday
c., circa - around, approximately
cf. confer - "bring together" and hence "compare"
cp. compare
Cp ceteris paribus - "all other things being equal"
C.V. curriculum vitae - "course of life" (used for resume)
cwt. centum weight - "Hundredweight"
D.V. Deo volente - "God willing"
DG, D.G. or DEI GRA Dei gratia - "by the grace of God"
et al. et alii - "and others" (usually co-workers)
etc. et cetera - "and the others", "and the rest"
e.g. exempli gratia - for example/ for instance
ibid. ibidem - in the same place (book, etc.)
i.a. inter alia- "among other things
i.e. id est - that is/in other words
M.O. modus operandi - method of operating
N.B. nota bene - note well
op. cit. opere citato - the work cited
p.a. per annum - through a year
P.M. Post Meridiem - after midday
pro tem. pro tempore - for the time being/temporarily
P.S. post scriptum - after what has been written
Q.E.D. quod erat demonstrandum - which was to be demonstrated
Re in re - in the matter of/concerning
s.o.s. si opus sit - if there is need/if necessary
Sic. sic erat scriptum / "Thus it was written"
stat. statim/ immediately
viz. videlicet - precisely/ that is to say
vs. versus/against
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