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Battle of the Biospheres Revision Flashcards
What is an Ecosystem? A grouping of plants and animals that interact with each other and their local environment.
What is a Biome? A large ecosystem - a grouping of plants and animals over a large area
How many Biomes are there? 8
What are the 8 Biomes? Tundra Taiga Temperate Deciduous Forest Scrub forest Grassland Desert Tropical Rainforest Temperate Rainforest
What is a Coniferous Biome? Coniferous forests are at higher latitudes where the Sun's rays are weak. Trees are adapted to the cold experienced here with needle-like leaves
What is a Deciduous Biome? Deciduous forests have high rainfall and there are seasonal variations in the Sun's rays. Trees lose their leaves in the cool winters.
What is a Tundra Biome? The tundra is within the Arctic Circle. This area receives little heat from the sun and there is little rainfall. Only tough, short grasses survive here.
What is a Tropical Biome? Tropical rainforests are normally found near the equator. The temperature is hot and there is a lot of heavy rainfall.
What is a Desert Biome? Deserts are close the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This is where hot dry air sinks down to the Earth's surface and the Sun's rays are concentrated making it very hot during the day.
What does the Biosphere do for us? It regulates the gases that make up the atmosphere - plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us to breathe. It regulates the water cycle - plants slow the flow of water to rivers and filter water to make it clean. It keeps soil healthy for plants to grow - new nutrients are provided by rotting plant material.
What food does the biosphere provide us with? Fish Meat Fruits Nuts Berries
How are medicines provided by the biosphere? Plants used to make medicines - e.g: quinine from bark, St John's wort, periwinkle
What are some raw materials provided by the biosphere? Timber Bamboo Rubber Water Oil and gas store carbon
What threats to the biosphere come from direct human impacts? Deforestation Mining Quarrying Farming Overfishing
What threats to the biosphere come from indirect human impacts? Pollution and climate change causing: sea temperature rise seawater acidification melting of polar ice caps changes in amounts of rainfall treeline changes stress within ecosystems due to rapid change.
What are some reasons for rainforest destruction? Timber used for buildings, furniture and fuel. Land needed for agriculture such as growing crops or grazing animals Mining and quarrying of minerals for the construction industry, jewellery, etc. Transport routes Building human settlements Building dams and power stations to provide power.
What is Ramsar? Set up in 1971 by Iranis Ramsar an international treaty protects important wetlands by law. Has been signed by over 153 states and protects over 1.5 million SQ km
What is CITES? Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Formed in 1960's to ensure sustainable trade between animals. Started because extinction was getting high. Aims to make sure international trade between countries of wild animals is fair, safe and sustainable. Over 30,000 species protected - 80% are plants
What is BAPs? What is BAPs?
What is Tropical Rainforest Conservation? Started in 1980's to reduce the size of Guatemala's foreign debt to be reduced. Protects areas from human action. It is important to maintain biodiversity. Round the equator.
What are National Parks? 1991 when the UK government agreed to protect areas with beauty and national importance. Preserves and protects landscapes. Conserves natural beauty, wildlife & Culture. The UK has 14 Nation Parks.
Where is The Kilum Forest? The Kilum forest is in the North West of Cameroon. It has Lake Oku lying in a crater in its center.
What is happening in the Kilum Forest? There is a community-based forest management system to ensure sustainable use of the forest. Communities have control over implementing forest management. Local livelihoods are improved in ways which contribute to the conservation of the Kilum forest.
What sustainable uses of the rainforest occur in Kilum? Forest Reserve protected area with minimum human interference. Multiple zoning e.g. hunting, tourism, conservation. Area of selective logging, no clear cut felling so a tree cover is maintained. Reserves linked by natural corridors for migration.
How is the community involved in the management of Kilum Forest? Ecotourism. Tree nurseries to replace cut down forest i.e. afforestation. Long term leases/selective small-scale clearance with replanting. Size of reserve is large enough to support wildlife. Tree cover is maintained on watershed.
How are the local livelihoods improved in Kilum Forest? Extractive reserve e.g. rubber, nuts. Agroforestry - maintains biodiversity of agricultural land. Crops can be grown beneath the shade of banana trees. Tree cover in watersheds reduces flood risk and improves water quality and quantity for villagers.
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