2.1 - Molecules to metabolism - Key terms

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Metabolism All of the enzyme-catalysed chemical reactions in a cell.
Anabolism The formation of larger molecules from smaller ones (e.g. monomers forming macromolecules from condensation reaction).
Catabolism The breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones by hydrolysis.
Macromolecule A very large organic molecule composed of monomers.
Hydrolysis reaction A chemical reaction that breaks apart a larger molecule by adding a molecule of water. db714434-de63-4160-a4d6-c24504e4bcb0.jpg (image/jpg)
Condensation reaction A chemical reaction in which two molecules become covalently bonded to each other through the loss of a water molecule. 3d7eb643-eedd-4878-b508-d66373240240.jpg (image/jpg)
Urea The toxic nitrogenous end product of protein breakdown (catabolism), excreted in urine.
Monosaccharide A single sugar molecule such as glucose or fructose; the simplest type of sugar. fa49cb7b-c36e-48d1-b726-307c4bdeb070.jpg (image/jpg)
Disaccharide A sugar made from two monosaccarides linked together (e.g. sucrose from glucose + fructose). 99d89e84-9a00-415c-b5c9-dc4bc912611d.jpg (image/jpg)
Amino acid Molecules which make up proteins; made of: a carbon atom, a carboxyl group, an amine group, a hydrogen atom, and an R-group. 20ba2a2d-9629-4d38-889d-cc0127f272fd.jpg (image/jpg)
R-group The variable radical of amino acids, which is shown as 'R' in diagram.
Lipids Fats made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen (e.g. oils, waxes, phospholipids, triglycerides, and steroids).
Polypeptide A polymer of many amino acids linked together by peptide bonds.
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