2.4 - Proteins - Key terms

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Amino acid
Amino acid sequence The order of amino acids in a protein; coded for in genes.
Rubisco Enzyme important in photosynthesis - used to catalyse the addition of carbon dioxide to the Calvin cycle.
Insulin A peptide hormone produced and secreted by the pancreas. It targets liver and muscle cells, and allows them to take glucose out of the blood (thus lowering blood glucose levels).
Rhodopsin A light-sensitive pigment found in the rod cells of the eye that is formed by retinal and opsin (a protein).
Collagen A protein fiber with a unique triple helix that gives it great strength. Found in bone, tendons, ligaments, etc.
Spider silk Silk made from spiders which is exceptionally strong, elastic, and light in weight. Each spider produces its own unique silk.
Immunoglobin Antibodies (proteins) secreted by B-cell lymphocytes.
Proteome The complete complement of proteins that a cell or organism can make. Each individual has a different set.
Polypeptide A polymer of many amino acids linked together by peptide bonds.
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