3.3 The Nervous System

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biology 3.3 the nervous system

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Picks up signals from sensory receptors and transmits them to the CNS and the other way around Peripheral Nervous System
The brain and the Spinal cord together Central Nervous System
connects the brain withthe PNS and is made up of mainly nerves Spinal cord
bundles of axons that can run from the spina cord or the brain to the rest of your body Nerves
the largest part of the brain impulses from different sensory receptors are interpreted there and its also the place where you think and where your memories are restored Cerebrum
it coordinates your movements using information from your eyes, ears, muscles and tendons it also helps you to maintain balance Cerebellum
Connects the brain to the spinal cord and controls automatic functions such as breathing, blood pressure and your heartbeat. Brain Stem
A rapid, automatic response to a stimulus. Reflex
Most of the nerve impulses musttake the shortest possible route during a reflex called a: Reflex Arc
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