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Verb An action word e.g. write, submit
Adjective Describes or modify other words e.g. good, bad. In english they go before a noun e.g. a good assignment
Noun People, thing, ideas, feelings or qualities
pronoun A word that takes the place of a noun e.g. I, he, she, it, they, them, few, whoever, each
subject a person or thing that is being discussed
Predicate A sentence that expresses what the subject does
Conjunction word used to link, join together, two clauses in a sentence e.g. and, because, further more
Article (definite and indefinite) The words a, an & the
Object A person or thing to which a specific action or feeling is directed.
Auxiliary verb A verb that added functional or grammatical meaning e.g. for example, emphasise, modality
proposition A small word that shows the relationship between two nouns e.g. the essay on linguistics, or, to write about linguistics
Adverb A word which describes, or adds detail to, a verb. e.g. write quickly, arrive late, get up early
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