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What do plants compete for ? Plants often compete with each other for light and space, and for water and nutrients from the soil.
What do animals compete for ? Animals often compete with each other for food, mates and territory
What is an extremophile Some organisms live in environments that are very extreme. Extremophiles may be tolerant to high levels of salt, high temperatures or high pressures.
how are animals adapted to live in dry artic conditions ? Animals may be adapted for survival in dry and arctic environments by means of: ■ changes to surface area ■ thickness of insulating coat ■ amount of body fat ■ camouflage.
How are plant adapted to live in environments? Plants may be adapted to survive in dry environments by means of: ■ changes to surface area, particularly of the leaves ■ water-storage tissues ■ extensive root systems.
Describe how living things can be used as indicators of pollution ? ■ lichens can be used as air pollution indicators, particularly of the con. of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere ■ invertebrate animals can be used as water pollution indicators and are used as indicators of the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water.
How can environmental changes be measured with non-living indicators Environmental changes can be measured using non-living indicators such as oxygen levels, temperature and rainfall.
state 3 ways plants might conserve water smaller leaves water storage tissues swollen stem stomata situated away from light and wind waxy leaves
why do woodland plants grow and flower early in the year so that they are able to use the sunlight to photosynthesise and grow once the trees have their leaves the smaller plants will receive much less light. they will also have more competition for water and nutrients from the soil as the trees begin to grow
name an instrument which can record environmental change over a few weeks a data logger - a computer attached to a sensor
why is it difficult to interpret data about changes in the distribution of animals and plants there are so many possible variables. it may be obvious that the climate has got warmer but this may lead to other changes. for example if a plant flowers earlier in the year the insects which feed on it may not be around to pollinate the flowers. this could lead to a fall in the number of plants and also in the number of insects which would not be able to feed on the nectar
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