animal and plant cells

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Which part of the cell controls it and contains DNA. The nucleus
Which part of the cell controls what goes in and out of the cell and gives the cell shape the cell membrane
Which part of the cell is a jelly like substance where chemical reactions occur the cytoplasm
Where does photosynthesis occur ? the chloroplasts
Which green pigment is found in the chloroplasts chlorophyll
Which part of the plant cell provides the cell with support. The cell wall
What is the cell wall made from cellulose
Where does aerobic respiration occur in the cell ? The mitochondria
Which part of the plant cell is full of cell sap and works with the cell wall to make the cell turgid the vacuole
Name three things that the plant cell has that the animal cell does not have 1. the vacuole 2. the cell wall 3. chloroplasts
What are cells ? the building blocks of all living things
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