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A few notes and suggestions for your job interview

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Why are you looking for a job? 1.- I would like to work so that I can earn some spending money. I appreciate my parent's help, but I'd like to have a little more money to spend on my own. 2.- Ever since I could remember, I have looked forward to the day I was old enough to get a job. 3.- I cannot wait to start earning my own money so that I can save up for something special, like a car. 4.- I am looking for a job because I am trying to save money to pay for a trip that my best friend that I would like to take over winter break or when my work schedule permits.
Why would you like to work for us? 1.- I would like to put into practice what I learned at university. 2.- I would like to make use of the experience I have gained in the past ten years. 3.- I believe that your company will allow me to grow both professionally and as a person.
How would you describe yourself? 1.- I consider myself hardworking / reliable / dependable / helpful / outgoing / organised / honest/ cooperative. 2.- I’m a team-player / an experienced team-leader / a seasoned (experienced) professional / a dedicated worker. 3.- I’m good at dealing with people / handling stress. 4.- I pay attention to details. 5.- I understand my customers’ needs. 6.- I learn quickly and take pride in my work. 7.- I love challenges and getting the job done.
What kind of qualifications do you have? 1.- I graduated in IT from the UPNA. 2.- I hold a master’s degree (MA) / a bachelor’s degree (BA) in Modern Languages from the University of Salamanca. 3.- I took a one year accounting training program at the UEX. I haven’t done any formal training for this job, but I have worked in similar positions and have two years of experience in this field.
How Has School Prepared You For Working at Our Company? 1.- At school, I have to meet daily deadlines, set goals for myself in a variety of subjects and activities, and accomplish them. I believe these experiences will translate to the workplace and will prepare me to excel at your company. At school, I also work with my peers and teachers everyday so I know how to work in teams and with a manager. 2.- I understand the importance of being on time and working within specific blocks of time. One of the most useful skills I gained from my school experience, was learning how to plan, execute, and complete quality work within the time period given. I feel my strong time management skills have prepared for the position you are looking fill. 3.- I have taken a number of computer skills classes in school. I learned many different ways to utilize the technology the computer has to offer. I am proficient in Microsoft Office software, I am comfortable with doing in depth research using the Internet, and I have become familiar with many different types of graphic design software.
What are your weaknesses / negative traits? 1.- I’m a perfectionist and I may be too hard on myself or my co-workers sometimes. 2.- I might need to learn to be more flexible when things are not going according to plan. This is something I’m working on at the moment. 3.- I occasionally focus on details instead of looking at the bigger picture. I’m learning how tofocus on the overall progress as well.
Have You Ever Had Difficulty With a Supervisor or Teacher? 1.- I have never had difficulty with a supervisor or instructor. I've had instructors that I've gotten along with better because of personalities, but I've learned that even when I don't always fully get along with an instructor there is enough in common that I can accomplish what I have to do. 2.- I did have an experience where I thought my new supervisor was unhappy with me. So I made a point to arrive early one day so I could talk to her in private. It turned out, she was not unhappy with me at all and she apologized if she came across that way.
Do you have any questions? 1.- What would be the first project I’d be working on if I was offered the job? 2.- Who would I report to? Who would I be working closely with? 3.-Are there any benefits your company offers its employees? 4.-When will I get an answer? How soon can I start?
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