Evolution & Classification Vocab.

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evolution and classification vocabulary words.

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Evolution the change in a species as a whole over time
natural selection survival of the fittest; organisms that are best suited for survival are the ones that successfully reproduce and pass on their beneficial characteristics; leads to evolution
Charles Darwin the man who voyaged to the Galapagos and developed the idea of natural selection, which contributes to evolution
speciation the emergence of a new species due to natural selection
Co-Evolution occurs when two or more populations evolve at the same time
divergent evolution occurs when two species evolve to be more and more different over time
convergent evolution occurs when different species develop similar traits for similar functions
homologous structures structures that originate from the same type of tissue but may be used differently in different organisms
vestigial structure a structure that may have once had a function in a species but has evolved to be useless over time
streptococcus genus of bacteria; commonly known for causing strep throat
virus non living pathogen that causes many harmful conditions
active immunity an organisms defense against invading pathogens due to production of antibodies
passive immunity an organisms defense against invading pathogens due to the transfer of antibodies
binomial nomenclature the system of naming organisms based on their scientific genus and species
classification system of placing organisms in groups based on similarities
dichotomous key a multi-step tool used to identify a species based on physical characteristics it may possess
cladogram a diagram beginning with an outgroup organism, shows relationships based on shared derived traits
phylogenetic tree a diagram beginning with a common ancestor; shows evolutionary history of a species
bacteria prokaryotic, single celled organisms, often aid in decomposition and digestion of cause harmful infections
protist eukaryotic organism; classified as plant like anime like or fungus like
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