Module 4- Waves

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What is a progressive wave? An oscillation whose compressions and rarefractions or peaks and troughs move through the median as energy is transferred.
Describe the movement of a particle when a progressive wave passes through it: It moves away from its equilibrium position into a new position. It then experiences a restoring force from adjacent particles and is pulled back to its original position.
Define displacement: Distance from equilibrium position.
Define amplitude: Maximum distance from equilibrium position.
Define wavelength: The minimum distance between two points in phase on adjacent waves.
Define period of oscillation: The time taken for one cycle, oscillation or wave to move one wavelength past a given point.
Define frequency: The number of wavelengths passing a given point per unit time.
Define wavespeed: The distance traveled by wave per unit time.
Define phase difference: The relationship between the patterns of wavelength either for two points on the same wave or two different waves. Measured in radians or degrees.
What is the equation for path difference? Path difference = distance between points / wavelength
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