The scientific method - basic knowledge

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Question Answer
Science is the study of... ... the physical, material and living world
Biology is the study of... ... living things
The scientific method is based on... -making observations -forming a hypothesis -carrying out experiments -recording the results -forming a conclusion -discarding, changing or accepting the hypothesis based on the conclusions
A hypothesis is... ... an educated guess based on observations
An experiment is a test for... ... a hypothesis
Data is... ... the information gathered in experiments
A theory is... ... an explanation based on repeated hypothesis and experimantation
A principle or law arises from a theory when... ... it is seen to be true under all conditions over a long period of time
Experiments are based on... -careful planning and design -safe procedures -establishing a control differing in only one variable to the actual experiment -fair procedures
A replicate is when... ... an experiment is repeated
The value of the scientific method is limited in issues such as... -lack of basic knowledge -design of the experiment -difficulty in interpreting results -changes in nature -accidental discoveries
Ethics refers to... ... whether conduct is right or wrong