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What do Not gates do? Not gates take one bit as input and another as output.
What do And gates do? And gates take two bits as inputs. If both are 1 the output is 1 any other inputs are 0.
What do Or gates do? Or gates take two bits as inputs if both are 0 the output is 0 otherwise the output is 1.
What does RAM stand for? RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY
What does ROM stand for? READ ONLY MEMORY
Is RAM volatile memory or non volatile memory. RAM is volatile
Does ROM store data and instructions or bios ROM stores bios
What does a puff suck switch do to help those physically disadvantaged? You simply suck or puff down the tube in order to activate a switch.
What does a foot mouse do for the disabled? those struggling with their upper arms can use their feet as a mouse.
What is volatile memory? Volatile memory is memory that is erased when a computer is turned off if it has not been saved.
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