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Pressure group An organized group of people that aim to influence the policies or actions of government
Sectional group A pressure group that exists to advance or protect the (usually material) interests of its members
Promotional group A pressure group that exists to advance particular values, ideals and principles
Insider group A pressure group that enjoys regular privileged and usually institutional access to government
Outsider group A pressure group that is either not consulted by government or consulted irregularly and not at a senior level
Pluralism A theory of the distribution of political power that holds that power is widely and evenly dispersed in society
Elitism The theory that political power is concentrated in the hands of the fewan elite, sometimes called the 'power elite'
Functional representation The representation if groups based on their funciton within the economy or society; examples include industries employees, professionals, workers etc.
Pluralist Democracy A form of government that operate through the capacity of organized groups to articulate popular demands and ensure governments responsiveness
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