English 1-2

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Vocab words for semester one final, Belleville east, regular level

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Mood A distenintive emotional quality or character
Internal conflict A psychological struggle within the mind of a character
External conflict A struggle with a character between an outside force
plot The plan of the literacy work
Irony A technique of indicating an intention or reaction which is opposite from what's happening
Imagery The formation of a mental image
Symbol Something used to represent something else
Prediction An act of predicting
Infer To derive by meaning
Third person omniscient point of view A method of writing where the narrirator knows all of the characters thoughts
Main conflict The main problem in a story
Authors perspective The opinions and or attitude about the topic
Metaphor Something used to describe something else
Climax The most intense part of the story
Personification Human traits given to no living things
Paraphrase The act of summarizing written work
Main idea The central thought of the topic
Point of view A specified manner of approval
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