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This deck is an overview of Forces, as well as a quiz. Good Luck!

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What IS a force? A force is a PUSH or a PULL
Time for a Quiz! 1. Which of these is NOT a force? a) Gravitational Force b) Kinetic Force c) Frictional Force The Answer: a
2. Which of these actions does NOT require a PUSH?( This question is easy) a) Closing a book b) Jumping c) Opening a drawer The Answer: c
3. Which of these actions requires BOTH a push and a pull? a) Kicking someone(irritating) b) Wringing a towel c) Zipping up a bag The Answer: b
4. Why is going DOWN stairs easier than going UP stairs? a) Cuz going up requires enough force to overcome gravitational force b) Cuz it's like that c) Cuz the friction experienced is less when you are going down The Answer: a
5. Was my flashcard deck helpful? Or at least, correct? a) Duh! Thanks! b) Nope, these are lame c) Not really sure, because I already knew these The Answer: NO FIXED ANSWER But I hope that you enjoyed it!
6. Am I awesome? a) Nope. You're just lame, and stupid b) Meh, you're cool, I guess c) OMG you're so awesome The Answer: I hoped it was C, or at least B.
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