Word roots

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Biology 1-2 regular Belleville east semester one final

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A, an Without
Ab Away from
Ad, af Near, toward
Alb White
Algia Pain
Amphi Both
Anti Against
Aqua Water
Archae Ancient
Arthr Joint
Ase Enzyme
Auto Self
Bi Two or twice
Bio Life
Blast That which will germinate
Brachi Arm
Card Heart
Carn Flesh
Caryo Nucleus of cell
Cephalo Head
Chloro Green
Chondr Cartilage
Chromo Color
Cide Kill
Coel Cavity
Com, con With
Costa Rib
Cyst Capsle
Cyto, cyte Cell
Decid To cut off
Dendr Tree
Dent, don't Tooth
Derm Skin
Di Two
Dis, dys Ill or bad
Eco Household
Ecto Outer
Ectomy Removal
Emia Blood
Endo Inner
Enter Intestine
Epi On, at, beside
Erythro Red
Eu True
Ex Out
Fer Bearer
Gastro Stomach
Gen Producing
Gymno Naked
Hemo Blood
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