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What were the two classes that Roman society was separated into? The patricians and the plebians
Who were the patricians? they maintained power through patronage. They provided clients with financial, legal + social support in exchange for loyalty and political backing.
Who were the plebians? They suffered from discrimination. Could not hold office or join military.
Why did no one ever know what the laws were? The laws were never written down
How were the laws made? The Patricians served as judges. The judges would state and apply all laws.
How did the Plebians gain more power? The made demands and went on strikes. They gained the right to join military and partake in govt. They demanded that laws be written down.
What were The Twelve Tablets? They were the first laws that Romans engraved on tablets in 450 BC. They were placed in the Forum
What was The Forum? Roman public square.
What were some of the laws passed over the years? Laws to ban debt slavery, laws passed allowing plebians to fill public office including consuls. law to ban intermarriage between patricians and plebians.
Why did they ban intermarriage between Patricians and Plebians? The Patricians wanted to protect their special high status
How was the Roman nobility formed? The rich and powerful plebians joined the patricians
Why did only wealthy nobles hold office? Because of class requirement and lack of slavery
nobles controlled ____ and ____ overshadowed the ______ Senate, Senate, Magistrates
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