Extended Essay 1

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Extended Essay 1
  1. The Effectiveness of Palliative Care in Africa
    1. HIV/AIDS [Biological]
      1. Traditional methods of treatment
        1. How can treatment be improved?
          1. Discuss and outline the disease
            1. Symptoms
              1. Causes
                1. Preventative measures
              2. Effects on patients [Psychological]
                1. Mental Health
                  1. Quality of Life
                    1. Psychological wellbeing
                      1. Relevance: Human Rights (Article 25)
                      2. What are the impacts of ineffective palliative care on HIV/AIDS patients in Africa?
                        1. Causes of ineffectiveness
                          1. Local Relevance (effects on Kenya)
                            1. HIV/AIDS is pertinent in Kenya (Millennium Development Goal #6)
                              1. Economic impact on country due to gap in work force (Palliative care is ineffective so less people go to work because of the poorly managed disease)
                              2. Global Relevance (effects on the world)
                                1. Relatable to other terminally-ill patients hence, we should care because this affects a larger population
                                2. Outcomes
                                  1. Solutions
                                    1. How can we use the findings from this essay and other studies to improve palliative care worldwide
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