Global Quiz 12/17/13 Part 2

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Global quiz 12/17/13 Part 2 of 4

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The Romans controlled all of Italy by... 265 BC
What contributed to the Romans success in conquering Italy? Their military organization + wise policies
Who was required to be in the military? All adult male citizens with a minimum amount of property.
What was the most important unit? The legion
What is a legion? A unit of 4,500 to 6,000 male citizens
What is a legionnaire? A man who is in a legion
What is an auxilia? Units of non-citizens
How did the Romans ensure loyalty with those conquered? shared citizenship + political power
Who was given full citizenship? The inhabitants of nearby Italian cities.
Who was given partial citizenship? Inhabitants of distant cities
What was a partial citizenship? Had the rights to own property, marry under Roman law but couldn't vote.
What did the treaties of alliance include? Cities were given independence if they agreed to provide military assistance to Rome + support its foreign policy
Romans didn't demand Tribunes but.. they expected land for Roman formats resettlement. This would aid them to maintain Roman culture
What did a Roman family include? All unmarried children, married sons + their families, dependent relatives+ family slaves
What is the paterfamilias? the father, had complete authority, made impt decisions, conducted religious ceremonies, supervised sons education
What was a Roman woman's role? Had a higher status than the Greek women, managed household, entertained guests
What did the Romans believe religiously? That spirits inhabited everything, especially things connected to the home.
What was Lares? ancestral spirits
What was Penates? The guardians of storeroom
Who was Vesta? The guardian of fire and the hearth
Who was the family worship focused on? Vesta
What happened to Roman religion after the conquest of Greeks? They began to identify Roman Gods with Greek Gods
What Greek god did the Indo-European sky god Jupiter share characteristics with? Zeus
family religion evolved into... State religion. built temples with ceremonies
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