Extreme environment case study - Antarctica

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A case study about the extreme environment that is antarctica

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Attractions - Spectacular scenery (mountains and icebergs, only in antarctica) - Adventurous activities (sports such as: mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, hang gliding) - Unique wildlife/ ecosystem (wild animals in an unspoiled habitat, e.g. penguins)
How will growing numbers of tourists affect antarctica? - 1996/97 = 7413 - 2007/08 = 46,000 - Expected to double over the next 10 years - without guidelines in place to protect antarctica, the current problems (litter, pollution e.t.c) will only become worse
What effect does tourism have on the wildlife? - Tourist disturb animals and cause them to flee from their natural breeding grounds - Tourists stand on the plant that many of the animals that live in antarctica feed off (lichen) - Cruise ships often get into accidents where they capsize or crash into rocks or ice-flows (often they discharge waste, human waste and oil from the exhausts, close to shore where it damages wildlife)
What effect does tourism have on the environment? - More littering, pollution e.t.c - Cruise ships get bigger to accommodate more travelers and therefore problems concerning cruise ships become more frequent and worse - litter kills wildlife when the animals mistake it for food
How does IAATO manage tourism? - IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operations) - Produces guidelines for tour operators and tourists (e.g. no ships carries more than 500 people, discharge waste well out to sea, operators must have permits)
How does SSSIs help manage tourists? - SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest) - Tourists cannot go there (e.g. bird island) - protects wildlife and landscapes
How do tour guides help manage tourism? - Tourists are always under supervision - They ensure that guidelines which are set by the IAATO are followed
How do lectures help manage tourism? - Ensures tourists know about the guidelines (e.g. stay 5m away from penguins, do not drop litter, do not walk on lichen) - usually given to small groups as it is more effective
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