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What code stops the console closing automatically once the program has been run. Console.ReadKey();
Name the 3 main groups of built-in types Integral Types, Floating-point Types, Reference Types
This is the simplest possible type. It can only hold one of two values: true or false bool
All integers of varying capacities belong to this type Integral
All real numbers of varying range and precision belong to this type Floating Point Types
The variables for these don't actually contain the value represented by these directly. They contain a reference to the memory address where the value is actually stored Reference Types
What is an operator? Operators are the most basic way that you can create interactions between objects/values
Name 3 important C# operators unary, binary, ternary
What is a Unary operator? Unary operators take only one operand
What is a Binary Operator? Binary operators take two operands
What is an Iteration? An Iteration is the act of repeating something (that ‘something’ being code statements in the programming context)
What is a Conditional action? A conditional action is said to be one that is only performed if a certain condition is true
What is main use of a For Loop? For loops allow us to specify the number of times to repeat a block of code
What is main use of a ForEach Loop? Foreach loops (sometimes called “foreach, in” loops) are used to loop through items in an array or a collection
What is main use of a While Loop? The while loop is used to repeat a block of code, while a certain condition remains true
What is a Decision Construct? Decision constructs are used to control the flow of our programs. They allow us to run certain blocks of code once, only if a certain condition is true
Name the 2 key types of decision statements if, switch
What is the If statement used for? If statements allow you to choose which code gets executed
Name the 3 If statements If, else, else if
What is the Switch statement used for? A switch statement allows use to execute code based on a predefined set choices
What are the most important keywords in Switch statements? Continue, Break
What is the purpose of the Continue keyword? The ‘continue’ keyword is used to instantly move to the next iteration of a loop body
What is the purpose of the Break keyword? The ‘break’ keyword, when used in the context of loops, can be read as “break out of this loop immediately, and do not loop any more.”
What is a Collection? A Collection is a single container able to contain an arbitrary number of values
Name 3 of the 5 types of Collection Array, List, Queue, Stack
Which is the most basic Collection? Array
What is the difference between Lists and Arrays? Lists are similar to arrays, except that they allow for dynamic sizing
What is a Queue? The Queue collection is much the same as a List or Array. When you add items (called "Enqueueing"), they are added at the end, and when you remove them (called "Dequeueing"), you remove them from the front. This is a principle known as FIFO (or First In, First Out)
What is a Stack? Stacks are like queues, but opposite. Stacks are LIFO (or Last In, First Out). To visualize this, imagine a tray for papers on your desk. When you add a paper to the tray, you add it on the top of the Stack. When you reach in for a paper, you pull the top one off, which was the last one added to the tray
What is a Function? A Function is a sequence of program instructions that perform a specific task, packaged as a unit. This unit can then be used in programs wherever that particular task should be performed
What is a Method? A method is simply a function attached to a class. In some languages, the distinction is important, because functions can be defined arbitrarily. In C# however, (named) functions must belong to a class, so the distinction is unimportant
What is a Type? A classification identifying one of various types of data, such as real, integer or Boolean, that determines the possible values for that type; the operations that can be done on values of that type; the meaning of the data; and the way values of that type can be stored
What is an Argument? An Argument is a special kind of variable, used in a subroutine [function] to refer to one of the pieces of data provided as input to the subroutine
What is Recursion? Recursion is what it's called when a function calls itself. In other words, the function is defined in terms of itself
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