Using ICT Systems

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GCSE ICT using ict systems

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BIOS Basic In Out System
ROM Read only memory
Where the operating system is stored Secondary storage / Hard disk
What does the BIOS do? check hardware such as memory chips and then load and run the operating system
Where the BIOS is stored ROM
Boot error When the computer cant find an operating system
Logging on The process of identifying yourself to a computer system using a user name and password.
Logging out The process of exiting a computer system.
Username Used to identify the user
Password Used to confirm the identity of the user.
LAN (Meaning and description) Local area network, over a small area usually one building
WAN (meaning and description) Wide area network, a network over a large geographical area usually connected by the internet.
Advantages of a network Share files share hardware share software Share internet connection
Disadvantages of a network Security issues for files (viruses and hackers) Can be complicated to maintain need expertise to set up Viruses can spread easily
Name 3 topologies Bus network Ring network star network Peer to peer network
Description of a star network In a star network, all the computers and peripherals are connected to a central device so that each has its own cable connection:
Description of a peer to peer network The computers all connect to one another with no central server.
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