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1. What are convenience goods? 2. Define urbanisation 3. What is Gentrification? 4. What are the advantages of developing on Brownfield sites? 5. What are comparison goods? 6. What are the names of two urban model’s for MEDC’s? 1. Relatively cheap items you buy often 2. Increase in % of people living in urban areas & decrease in rural areas. 3. Improving areas to be attractive 4. Cheaper, less in demand, prevents urban sprawl. 5. Expensive goods bought rarely/once. 6. Burgess and Hoyt
1. Which type of wave has a strong swash but weak backwash? 2. Describe a destructive wave 3. What are the 4 processes of erosion? (C.A.S.H) 4. What is a threshold? 5. What is Corrasion? 1. Constructive Waves. 2. Destroy beach, weak swash, strong backwash. 3. Corrasion, Attrition, Solution, Hydraulic 4. Minimum no. of customers shop needs for item to be in demand 5. Large waves hurling material onto cliff
1. What is Traction (coastal transportation)? 2. What is Saltation? 3. Two factors that contribute to river discharge? 4. What is hard engineering? 6. What is a greenbelt? 1. Rolling stones along sea floor 2. Sand-size particles bouncing along sea floor 3. Deforestation, Impermeable/Permeable rock, steep relief, rainfall. 4. Drastically alters natural processes 5. Floodplains, flood proofing 6. Area where building is not permitted
1. What is desertification? 2. What is an ecosystem? 3. What is a biome? 4. Two causes of desertification 5. Two biotic elements of rainforest? 6. Two Abiotic elements of desert? 1. Process where environments become like deserts 2. Plants & animals and environment in which they live 3. A large ecosystem, eg: Amazonian 4. deforestation, population growth. 5. Animals, insects 6. Rock type, climate.
1. What is Attrition? 2. What is Solution? 3. What is Hydraulic Pressure? 4. What is natural increase? 5. What is a wave cut platform? 1. sediment being transported by the sea and breaking 2. When salt and acid in te sea causes cliff to dissolve 3. Force of waves compressing air into small cracks of rock and causing it to break. 4. More people living in towns and cities and they have children so population increases 5. A slope of chalk/limestone between high tide and low tide at an angle.
1. Give an example of Mass Movement 2. Give an example of a subaerial process 3. What is deposition? And give an example of what it could create. 4. What is a spit? 1. Rock Fall or Mud Slide 2. Weathering 3. Movement of materials, creates: beaches and spits. 4. An extended stretch of beach material that projects out to sea and is joined to the mainland on one end.
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