M007 Data Management

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What is Data Management? it is the management of sources of information and data, and of the systems applicable to an organisation or practice, inc the methodologies and techniques most appropriate to collect, collate and store data
What is the Building Cost Information Services (BCIS) 1. BCIS is an RICS service - provider of cost information to the construction industry and whoever else needs it. 2. the database inc 16 thousand projects + tender costs 3. it provides the latest resource cost data (online + price books) - good 4 estimate production 4. measures price movements/ bench-marking/ mkt research/ stat analysis/ forecasting +impact studies
What function does BCIS Construction play? used by consultants/clients/contractors to produce specific estimates for option appraisals/ early cost advice/ cost planning/ bench-marking 2. the historical data goes back 45yrs while forecasts help to plan 5yrs ahead
What is the Building Maintenance Index (BMI) and what is its function? 1. bench-marking data covering maintenance and operation costs such as cleaning/ energy/ consumption/ admin costs - relied upon by property professionals 2. Assists with early Life cycle costs + dev of LCC 3. its becoming more important as sustainability has an impact on LCC 4. its committed to encouraging sustainable development and worked alongside BSI to dev. the 1st standardized method of LCC for construction procurement.
Tell me about the Data Protection Act 1998? 1. UK act of Parliment 2. defines UK law on the processing of data on people. 3. Its the main piece of legislation which protects personal data. 4. it gives the control for people to control info about themselves doesn't apply to domestic use (e.g. people in private phone books) 5. any company is obliged to comply with the Act. 6. breach can lead to claims of compensation
What are pricing books? there are a number of pricing books e.g. SPONS and LAXTONS and guides available from RICS/BCIS which help with the estimating process.
tell me about the different sources of pricing information? 1. BCIS/BMI 2. pricing books e.g. SPONS 3. Elemental Analysis 4. In-house database 5. Libraries
Explain to me what you understand by the term Due Diligence? a term used for an number of concepts involving either the performance of investigation of a business or person or... performance to act within a standard of care e.g. where a potential buyer evaluates a target company or its assets for acquisition
What type of data systems is your organisation using? DL - Pinnacle Gleeds - introducing GINE Gleeds information Network both systems will use a web-based database which allows users to send, share and retrieve project document for any computer and infusing BP into project.
if you want to dispose of a document from your office what are things you need to check? 1. is it an original contract/ legal doc? 2. are they needed for litigation? 3. do they relate to a current project? 4. are they related to a project with an outstanding fee? 5. does it relate to any disputes? 6. does it belong to a client? 7. is it confidential - it should be disposed of securely