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Details on working with the complexities of the legal system when in Phlebotomy
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Inducement not providing anything of value to a client or potential client in an attempt to improperly induce their business
What is the importance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act? To Honor the privacy of all health and personal information including laboratory orders and results of our client, patients and employees
What is Assault? An unjustifiable attempt to touch another person or the threat to do so.
What is Battery? the intentional touching of another person without consent
What is Medical Malpractice? The delivery of substandard care that results in harm to patient.
What is Duty? expectation of care
What is Dereliction breach duty of care
What is Injury? Results of error in care
What is Direct Cause? Something the defendant has done to directly affect the patient
What is Negligence? Failure to perform an action consistent with the accepted Standard of Care
What are Statutory Laws? Laws created by a legislative body
What are Case Laws? Laws determined by court decisions
What are Administrative Laws? Laws created by administrative agencies (i.e. the internal Revenue Service, or OSHA)
What is The Scope of Practice? the set of procedures and responsibilities for which one's training has prepared them for and for which one has demonstrated competency.
What is the Accepted Standard of Care? the consensus of medical opinion on patient care in a particular situation
what are damages? monetary compensation
What is the best way to defend against charges of malpractice? Keeping good records to show that the standard of care was not deviated from.
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