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Conformity A form of social influence of exposure to the majority and leads to compliance
Compliance Individuals compare themselves to the majority, concentrating on others so that they are able to adjust their actions to fit in, agreeing publicly, but not privately
Internalisation Individuals examine their own beliefs to see if they, or the group is right. They may think they are wrong and the group is right, therefore agree with the group both publicly and privately
Normative social influence The result of wanting to be liked and accepted by a group, so you follow social norms, explanation for compliance
Informational social influence The result of wanting to be right and looking to the majority for the right answer; the explanation for internalisation
Obedience to authority A type of social influence where somebody responds to an order from a person with authority
Agentic shift People change from taking personal responsibility for their actions (autonomous state) to where they belief they are acting on behalf of authority (an agentic state)
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