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Driving Test Theory


Driver learners theory questions
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How would you check for hazards before reversing your vehicle? Check all that apply • A. Check your wing mirrors and rear-view mirror • B. Look over your shoulder • C. Get out and walk around the vehicle • D. Be sure any reversing sensors or cameras are activated (if your vehicle has them)
When can flush medians be used? Check all that apply. • C. To slow down and wait before turning right from the road • D. To wait to move into a gap in the traffic after you've turned right
If you can do so safely, you may pass on the left at an intersection if: • D. the vehicle in front is signalling a right turn
Which of your vehicle's lights do you have on if you are driving in fog? • A. Park lights (side lights) • B. Front and rear fog lights • C. Dipped headlights • D. All of the above Answer: D
If you are going straight through a roundabout, don't signal as you come up to the roundabout, only signal left as you pass the exit before the one you wish to take. True or false? FALSE
If you tow another vehicle, what is the maximum distance allowed between the two vehicles? 4 METRES
What is the minimum tread depth required for car tyres? 1.5mm
You are driving on a country road at night when your vehicle headlights suddenly go out. What is the safest thing to do? Select all that apply. • A. Slow down and prepare to stop somewhere safe • C. Turn your hazard lights on
What will happen if you have a front tyre blowout • C. The front end will pull towards the side of the blowout
When are you allowed to pass another moving vehicle to its right? Check all that apply B. You've signalled right for at least 3 seconds • D. You can see at least 100m ahead of you when you've finished passing
What is oversteer? • C. When the back wheels of the car start skidding the opposite way to which you are turning
What does a white reflector (cat's eye) placed on the road mean? • D. White marks the centre line
What should you do if the vehicle behind starts to pass you? Check all that apply • A. Move as far to the left of the road as possible B. Maintain your speed • D. Be prepared to slow down to ensure a safe passing manoeuvre
When following a vehicle on a dusty metal (gravel) road, what should you do? Check all that apply. • B. Drop back so you're not in the dust cloud D. Put your lights on low beam if visibility is reduced significantly
When parking downhill on a steep road, what does the Road Code suggest that you should do? Select all that apply. • A. Turn the wheels towards the kerb • C. Put your car in reverse gear if it has manual transmission, or in park if it has automatic transmission • E. Put your handbrake on
From <> What should you do if you're driving and become sleepy? Select all that apply. • B. Pull over as soon as possible to a safe place • C. Take a short nap (15-20 minutes) in the passenger seat (or off your bike if you're on a motorbike) • D. Wait for 10 minutes until you start driving again after you've woken up
Before crossing a railway level crossing, what should you do? Check all that apply. • A. Look left and right up the tracks • B. Check there's room for your vehicle on the other side of the crossing C. Make sure there are no barriers or red flashing lights
What rule would you use when towing a trailer? Four second rule
What must you do when turning right at a roundabout? Check all that apply. • A. Indicate right as you approach the roundabout • C. Indicate left as you pass the exit before the one you want to take
When don't you need to wear a safety belt? Check all that apply. A. If you are reversing and wouldn't be able to remain in control of the vehicle B. If you are a taxi driver plying for hire C. If you are a driver or passenger who has to stop frequently to, for example, read meters, and the vehicle you're in travels at less than 50kph D. If you are unable to reach the controls if you wear a safety belt E. If you have a medical exemption from wearing a safety belt
What is the maximum distance a load may overhang your vehicle behind the rear axle? 4metres
E. Buses, cyclists, motorcyclists and moped riders can use this lane
B. Merging traffic from the left and right
When can you park on the right hand side of the road? Only on a one way street
You are on a three-laned road. There is one lane on your side of the road, and two lanes coming towards you. There's a dashed white line on your side of the centre line. Are you allowed to overtake? Yes
What does this sign mean? D. Any vehicle can park here to unload goods or people, but it must not be left unattended for more than five minutes
What must you do if you want to turn right at traffic signals where a green light is showing? A. Give way to vehicles coming towards you
What should you do if your vehicle breaks down on a motorway? Check all that apply. E. Open your boot and bonnet C. Put your hazard warning lights on D. Call for help using a cellphone or a motorway phone E. Park as far to the left as possible
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