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nucleus controls metabolism, stores & processes genetic information & controls protein synthesis. Also contains DNA, RNA & proteins.
nucleolus dense region in the nucleus where RNA synthesis occurs
chromatin grainy material visible in cell nuclei during interphase/ appearance of DNA content in nucleus when chromosomes uncoil
rough endoplasmic reticulum membranous organelle where protein synthesis and storage occurs
smooth endoplasmic reticulum membranous organelle where lipid and carbohydrate synthesis and storage occurs
mitochondria intracellular organelles responsible for producing most of the ATP required for cellular operations
Golgi apparatus a organelle that has a bunch of membranous plates that make lysosomes and secretory vesicles
centrosome part of cytoplasm that has a pair of centrioles that make right angles to one another
centrioles cylindrical organelle: -contains 9 groups of microtubules (3 in each group) -organizes the microtubules of the spindle apparatus
plasma membrane cell membrane
peroxisome membranous vesicle that has enzymes that break down hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2)
cytoplasm stuff between the plasma membrane and nuclear membrane. Contains cell contents
cytosol fluid part of cytoplasm
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