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Drugs for Biology GSCE

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Example of:- Depressants Alcohol Solvents Temazepan
Example of:- Hallucinogens Cannabis LSD
Example of:- Pain Killers Aspirin Heroin
Example of:- Stimulants Nicotine Ecstay Caffeine
Example of:- Performance enhancers Anabolic steroids
Effects of:- Depressants Slows brain activity
Effects of:- Hallucinogens Disorts perception of whats is seen and heard.
Effects of:- Pain killers Blocks nerve impulses
Effects of:- Stimulants Increases brain activity
Effects of:- Performance Enhancers Muscle developments
Depressants Decrease... Amount of Chemical transmitters released and reduce brain activity.
Pain killers Decrease... Amount of chemical transmitters released blocks pain message decreases brain activity
Performance enhancers increase... Time during muscles can be exercised
What is the order of drug testing??? 1. Tested with computer models & human cells grown in lab. 2.Fail test because damage cells or don't work. 3. Animal test 4. Give substance to animal then monitor. 5. Clinical trial 6.Low does given, no problems? More clinical test to find optimum does.
Disadvantages of clinical tests: Harmful side effects Effect on personal life e.g: no smoking Low success rate Increased risk from other diseases No insurance Might not work for everyone.
Whats a Placebo Fake does. used in clinal trials. 2 groups one given a placebo other real drug.
THALIDOMIDE is... Chemical drug Developed for sleeping pills. Damaged development of un born babies especially in first 4-8 weeks. As result it was banned. Drug testing became more rigorous. Its used now for?? Leprosy and Bone cancer.
Statins A group of drugs made from plant compounds that lower cholesterol in blood. Prevent liver from making Cholesterol. Reduce- heart attacks, strokes
Alcohol:- Is....? contains? Acts as ? Consumption info?? Is a Depressant Contains ethanol quickly absorbed into blood, 30 mins ish depends on age, gender, consumption food and water. Acts as a DIVRETIC (More urine) and Dehydrates Blood vessels dilate, heat loss and can lead to hypothermia.
Long term effects of Alcohol? Alcoholism Brain damage Liver Damage Stomach ulsers.
Smoking (tobacco) contains? Stimulates? Nicotine Stimulates the CNS and enters blood quickly. Causes lung cancer. Bronchitis/ emphysema canary heart disease.
Why is smoking addictive? Addictive- nicotine increases levels of neurotransmitters dopamine in the brain. This produces feelings of enjoyment.
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