Empirical and molecular formulae

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What is the empirical formulae? The formula that represents the simplest ratio of the atoms of each element present in a compound.
What is the empirical formulae of Carbon Dioxide, and what does it tell us? For every one carbon atom, their is 2 oxygen atoms.
Step 1 for finding the empirical formula? Find the masses of each of the elements present in a compound.
Step 2 finding the empirical formula? Work out the number of moles of atoms of each element.
Number of moles = Mass of element/ mass of 1 mol of element
Step 3 for for finding the empirical formula? Convert the number of mols of each element into a whole number ratio.
What is the molecular formula? It gives the actual number of atoms of each element in one molecule of the compound.
For example, if the molecular formula is C*2H*6 what is the molecular formula? CH*3
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