Chapter 7

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Review Terms for: Chapter 7, Reactions in Aqueous Solutions

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strong electrolyte each unit of which dissolves in water to produce separated ions
molecular equation shows the complete formulas of all reactants and products
complete ionic equation the molecular equation in that it shows the complete formulas of all reactants and products, with the exception of strong electrolytes, which are represented as ions
net ionic equation includes only those components that are directly involved in the reaction, not including spectator ions or bystanders
acid a substance that produces H+ ions (protons) when dissolved in water
strong acids strong electrolytes that produce H+ ions when dissolved in water
base a substance that produces hydroxide ions when dissolves in water
strong bases strong electrolytes that produce hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
salt any chemical compound formed from an acid-base reaction
oxidation-reduction reaction involves a transfer of electrons, typically between a metal and a nonmetal or two nonmetals
combustion reaction a chemical reaction that involves oxygen, produces energy (heat) so rapidly that a flame results
synthesis (combination) reaction a given compound formed from simpler materials, opposite of decomposition reaction, reactants are elements
decomposition reaction a compound broken down into simpler compounds or all the way down to the component elements, opposite of synthesis reaction, products are elements
precipitation reaction forms a solid
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