Brazils Ecosystems

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The Tropical Rainforest It is in the north of Brazil (highest point in Brazil). It covers about 40% of Brazil and is the largest rainforest in the world.
The Pantanal In the south west of Brazil. The worlds largest swampland and is full of water loving animals.
The Pampas The south of Brazil (lowest point of Brazil). These are grassy plains, they are now heavily farmed with many cattle ranchers
The Caatinga North east of Brazil. Semi-arid (like a desert) The plants are mainly shrubs and cacti.
The Cerrado Centre of Brazil. This is a savanna. In the dry season the grass gets so dry that it sets on fire if it is struck by lightning.
The Mata Atlantica North of Brazil between the Cerrado and the Pampas. 500 years ago the coastwise covered in thick forest and had a vast range of trees and plants. But most of it has been cut down leaving on 1/10 remaining.
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