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Enumerated Powers (Expressed Power) Powers that Congress has that are specifically listed in the Constitution
Implied Powers Powers of the Congress that are not listed in the Constitution
Inherent Powers Powers that Congress and President need to get the job done right
Reserved Powers Powers that are not stated in the Constitution in the Federal Government but are kept by the States
Concurrent Powers Powers that are Shared by the State and Federal Governments
Commerce Clause Gave the Congress the power to regulate trade among Foreign Nations and among the States
Necessary & Proper Clause (Elastic Clause) Gave Congress the Power to make laws "necessary and proper" to carry out the Expressed Powers
Full Faith & Credit Clause (Article 4) Federal Government has to respect the records, public acts and judicial proceedings of every other state
Supremacy Clause (Article 6) Federal Government is always gonna come before the States Government
Free Exercise Clause (1st Amendment) The People have the right to any religion and religious beliefs
Establishment Clause (1st Amendment) Congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion
Due Process Clause (5th & 14th Amendment) No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law
Selective Cooperating (14th Amendment) States can't pass laws that take away a person's rights in the Bill of Rights
Equal Protection Clause (14th Amendment)
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