Role and Functions of the Speaker

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Role and Functions of the Speaker- Civics: Union Legislature - Total History & Civics for Class 10 - ICSE

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Role and Functions of the Speaker
  1. Business of the House


    • 1. Presides over the meetings- allots time for everyone to speak 2. Interprets the rules of House- decision is final 3. Signs all bills- sends it to Rajya Sabha for consideration 4. Decides admissibility of all questions 5. Puts issues to vote 6. Decides whether a bill is a money bill or not 7. Recognises Members 8. Yields the floor
    1. Administrative Functions


      • 1. Receives all petitions and Documents in the House 2. Communicates the decisions of the House to concerned authorities 3. Regulates admission of visitors
      1. Disciplinary Functions


        • 1. Maintains order - may suspend or ask a member to withdraw - may also adjourn 2. May order that obscene language be expunged from the Preoceedings 3. Decides matters relating to the breach of privilege or contempt of the House 4. Speaker decides if a member is disqualified under Anti- Defection
        1. Parliamentary Committees


          • 1. Is ex-officio chairman of the Committees of the House 2. Appoints Chairmen of other committees 3. Mentors the other chairmen 
          1. Miscellaneous Functions


            • 1. Presides over Joint sessions of the Parliament 2. Nominates personnel for Parliamentary Delegations to other countries 3. Presides over conference of Presiding Officers of Legislative bodies in India.
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