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Enumerated powers (aka) "expressed power a list of items found in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution that set forth the authority of Congress
Implied Powers powers that Congress has that are not state explicitly in the Constitution
Inherent Powers They are the powers that are necessary for a branch of government to get its job done
Reserved Powers a political power that a constitution reserves exclusively to the jurisdiction of a particular political authority
Concurrent Powers con.with a political power exercised independently in the same field of legislation by both federal and state governments
Commerce Clause Provision of the United States Constitution that grants Congress the ability to regulate commerce relationships between foreign countries, states, and Indian tribes
Necessary+Proper Clause aka "Elastic Clause" states that Congress has the power, “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers
Full Faith & Credit Clause (Article 4) says each state will respect the laws of another state
Supremacy Clause says that laws made by the congress are "the supreme law of the land
Free Exercise Clause says people can freely exercise their religious beliefs
Establishment Clause Establishment Clause congress can make NO laws establishing a govt. religion, means "separation of Church & state"
Due Process Clause right to fair procedures.
Selective Corporation a case by case process by which the liberties of the Bill of Rights are applied to the states govts. by the due process clause of the 14th amendment`
Equal Protection Clause guarantees EQUAL TREATMENT to everyone
Implied Powers powers given to the congress that are not listed in the constitution
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