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We looked at different editing software's and looked at the advantages and disadvantages of the software's.

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iMovie 874f95bf-48cc-4e40-8296-df55db0f179f.png (image/png) iMovie has become one of the most well known software's to edit movies on because of the proliferation of Apple products. Since we all had iPhones we thought it may be a good software but when we looked into it we found that it took a while to get to grips with the software as it can be quite advanced and no one had an Apple laptop so it would mean editing on an iPhone which wasn't ideal.
Windows Movie Maker ec7ed6c3-c7ae-478e-992a-80030862f0ce.png (image/png) Windows Movie Maker is a free software that is compatible with Windows software which makes it very accessible. This software is also something we are all familiar with and it is a very simple software to use that can still achieve good results. Using this software would also mean we could use a laptop rather than an iPhone.
Avidemux 861d30a5-9874-430d-a84d-ad8d8c244aa8.png (image/png) Avidemux has lots of different filter tools like removing noise, changing the brightness etc. This open source editor can be very good to use if time is spent learning how it works and with an online wiki which documents everything Avidemux may be a software to consider.
Lightworks 5570a26d-3792-4cc5-ac9c-d576283bde5d.png (image/png) This program is great as it contains the biggest features among a free pack and is often used by professionals to produce Hollywood movies such as Batman. Saying this though because of the professionalism of the software it means it isn't a tool for beginners and it would take time to figure the software out and it would be different to anything we may have ever used before.
Wax 2.0e 8c2712bd-6b2e-4f5e-b748-f494756b38e6.png (image/png) This software is packed with special effects which would be good for parts of our film such as the red eyes. The results are thought to be 'impressive' and even though it may be more difficult to use there are tutorials and user forums on the site to help us out when we edit. However this may still be too complicated and cause problems such as taking a lot longer to edit.
Wondershare Filmora 00757be0-c411-4c01-9c6b-e4a542a04025.jpg (image/jpg) This software could be used by anyone and can be used in a complex or basic way which makes it good for us to use. The complexities are at a minimum and no technical knowledge is required and technical filters can be used like split screen and overlays.
Jahshaka 2.0 f41cd6bd-112f-48e4-95bb-2a91d958e469.jpg (image/jpg) This software can handle complex tasks and there are tutorials at hand to help for any difficulties we may come across. Nevertheless this software doesn't follow the normal Windows conventions which may make it hard to use as it isn't what we are used to.
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