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acids, alkalis and tirtration

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what is the definition acid? Acid is substance that dissolves water and releases hydrogen ions (H+)
What is the definition of alkali? alkaliis a substance that dissolves in water and release hydroxide ions (OH-)
What is 1 general equations? (including oxide) Metal oxide +acid = salt + water
what is 1 of the general equations (including metal carbonate) Metal carbonate + acid = salt + carbon dioxide + water
What are the other two general equations? Metal +acid = salt + hydrogen H+ OH- = H2O
What gas is produced when a metal reacts with any acid? hydrogen gas
what test can we identify this gas? squeaky pop
name three metals that will not react with diluted acids copper, silve, gold
why is this? because these metals are so nonreactive they dont react with diluted acids?
why do we use titrations? we use titrations to accuratley measure how much acid or alkali we need to exactly neutralise the other
show a titration equation that obtains a neutral solution Acid + Alkali = salt + water
what term is used to describe pH 7? Neutral
bleach as a pH OF AROUND 12, what colour do these indicators go? Litmus paper Phenolphthalein universal indicator Methyl orange litmus paper = RED Phenolphthalein = Pink Universal indicator= Purple Methyl orange = Yellow
what type of reaction takes place between acid and alkali A NEUTRALISATION reaction
balance this equation MgCO3 + HCL = MgCl2 + H20 + CO2 MgCO3 + 2HCl = MgCl2 + H20 + CO2
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