Topic 1A- The Circulatory System

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Edexcel A Salters-Nuffield Biology AS-Level

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Question Answer
Why is Water Good at Transporting Substances? Water has a dipole nature. This means its cohesive; one side has a slight positive charge and the other has a slight negative charge.
Why is Water a Dipolar Molecule? It has a partial negative charge on one side and a partial positive charge on the other.
Why does Water have a Slight Positive Charge? Shared Negative Hydrogen Electrons are pulled towards the Oxygen Atom, leaving the other side of each Hydrogen Atom with a slight Positive Charge.
Why does Water have a Slight Negative Charge? The Unshared Negative Electrons on the Oxygen Atom give it a Slight Negative Charge.
What Bonds are between Water Molecules? Hydrogen Bonding holds water molecules together.
Why do Water Molecules Attract Each Other The slightly Negatively Charged