10 questions about business correspondence

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all you need to know about business correspondence

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1. what is business correspondence? Business correspondence is the exchange of information in a written format for the process of business activities. Business correspondence can take place between organizations, within organizations or between the customers and the organization.
2. why is important business correspondence? 1. Help in Maintaining Proper Relationship 2. Inexpensive and Convenient 3. Create and Maintain Goodwill 4. Serves as Evidence 5. Help in Expansion of Business
3. what is business letter? Business letters may be defined as a media or means through which views are expressed. Ideas or information is communicated in writing in the process of business activities.
4. what is the difference between business letter and personal letter? Business letter refers to formal written letter where business related issues and information are exchanging with the suppliers, customers, banks, insurance companies and other external parties of the organization. On the other hand, personal letter is written for exchanging personal or family affairs with family members, relatives, friends, lovers, teachers, students etc. is known as personal letter.
5. what is correspondence? Any written or digital communication exchanged by two or more parties. Correspondences may come in the form of letters, emails, text messages, voicemails, notes, or postcards.
6. how is the language when you write a business correspondence? Language: Clear: short, simple words Concise: strong verbs, active voice Coherent: linking words, list Correct: grammar / spelling
7. how is the tone when you write a business correspondence? Tone: Polite: respect reader Positive: stress what can be done Personal: reader's perspective, personal pronouns .
8. what are the "c" principles for business correspondence? - consideration - courtesy - clarity - concreteness - correctness - consiceness - completeness
9. what are the essential features of a good business letter? We may classify the features of a good business letter as: a. Inner features b. Outer features
10. what are inner features and outer features? - The inner features of a good business letter refer to the quality of language, its presentation, etc. - The outer features of a good business letter refers to the appearance of the letter.
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