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What is the Circulatory system? It's the transport system that makes sure everything goes to where it's supposed to go in your body
What does your circulatory system consist of?
What does your circulatory system do? It carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells, carries waste out of the body and distributes heat throughout your body.
What does your heart do? It pumps continuously to keep the blood moving areound in the body.
What are the blood vessels? They are the road or side street in the body in which the blood flows
What are the three types of blood vessels?
What do arteries do? They carry blood away from the heart.
Why is it that the walls of the arteries are so tough and elastic? Because as the heart beats, blood moves along arteries under high pressures, to resist this, the walls, therefore, must be tough and elastic.
What do capillaries do? Capillaries are a network that joins the arteries and veins together, this allows the blood to flow continuously.
What is the advantage of having one cell thick wall in capillaries? It allows the dissolved materials to pass through them easily.
What do veins do? They carry blood back to the heart through the contraction of the muscles of your body pressing against the veins.
Why don't the veins have muscular walls like the arteries? Because when the blood passes through the capillaries, it looses the pressure and as it goes the veins, there is no pressure.
What do valves do? Valves open when blood flows upwards, and closes when blood flows downwards.
What are bruises? Bruises are tiny capillaries that burst and blood leak out when you bump yourself hard.
Describe Cardiac muscle. Cardiac muscle is found in the heart. It's really unique because it is the only muscle that doesnt get tired or stop working.
Why is the circulatory system referred to as a double system? Because there are two circuits in which the blood flows In one circuit, the blood flows from the heart to the body and in the other circuit, the blood flows from the heart to the lungs.
What are the three main phases of a heartbeat? The two atria contract, pushing blood down into the ventricles, The ventricles contract, forcing blood out of the heart to the body and lungs The heart muscle relaxes and the atria fill with blood.
What is Cholesterol? and what does it do to your artery? Cholesterol is a type of fat, it's essential for health, but can block arteries if it builds up in them. Cholesterol leads to severe pain.
What is angina? A lack of oxygen in the heart muscle. This leads to severe chest pain.
What is the only organ in the body that is liquid in shape?
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