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What is Health? A state of complete physical, mental an social well-being and not merely the absence of disease
What are two models of health? 1. Medical 2. Public Health Model
What is the Medical Model of Health? Emphasises the treatment of individual disease, rather than prevention, seen as the primary way of improving health
What is the Public Health Model of Health? Preventing disease and poor health of the overall population by promoting strategies that improve the social and physical environment
What are the Dimensions of Health? 1. Physical Health 2. Social Health 3. Intellectual Health 4. Emotional Health 5. Spiritual Health 6. Environmental Health
What are the Determinants of Health? 1. Individual Behaviour 2. Biology and Genetics 3. Social Factors 4. Access to Quality Health Services 5. Policymaking 6. Health Disparities
What is the Health Belief Model and what factors affect behaviour change? 1. Explains when beliefs are likely to affect behaviour change. 2. - Perceived seriousness of the health problem - Perceived susceptibility of the health problem - Perceived benefits - Perceived barriers - Cues to action
What is the Transtheoretical Model? What 6 stages do people go through in changing behaviour? 1. Identifies 6 distinct stages people go through in changing behaviour. 2. Pre contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance and Termination
What is a SMART Goal? Specific, Measurable, Action-orientated, Realistic and Time-orientated.
What is Shaping? Using a series of small steps to gradually achieve a goal.
What is Psychological Health? The mental, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of health
What is mental health? 1. The thinking part of psychological health 2. Includes values, attitudes and beliefs
What is emotional health? 1. The feeling part of psychological health 2. Includes your emotional reactions to life
What is social health? Includes interaction with others individually and in groups, ability to use social supports and ability to adapt to various situations.
What is spiritual health? Relates to having a sense of belonging and purpose to one's life as well as feeling a connection with others and nature
What factors influence Psychological Health? 1. Family 2. Social Support 3. Personality 4. Genetics 5. Community 6. Self-efficacy and Self-esteem 7. Life-span and Maturity
What is a mental illness? A disorder that disrupts thinking, feeling, moods and behaviour and that impairs daily functioning
What is a mood disorder? Provide examples 1. A mood disorder is an experience of persistent emotional states such as sadness, despair etc. 2. Dysthymic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
What is an anxiety disorder? Provide examples 1. Characterised by persistent feelings of threat and worry in coping with everyday problems. 2. Panic disorders, Phobic Disorders, OCD and PTSD
What is a personality disorder? Characterised by inflexible patterns of thought and beliefs that lead to socially distressing behaviour
What are some warning signs of suicide? 1. a history of depression 2. change in personality 3. change in behaviour 4. expressions of self-hatred 5. change in sleeping/eating patterns 6. seeming inability to let go of grief
What is stress? Stress is a series of mental and psychological responses and adaptations to a real or perceived threat to one's well-being.
What are the types of Distress? 1. Acute 2. Episodic acute 3. Chronic 4. Traumatic
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